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17 Feb

Matt Cutts Explains How Penalties are Dished Out


Google’s Head of Spam gave quite an insightful explanation of how Google penalizes websites in its SERPs.


1 Oct

Link Building – Back to Basics


1. Continually expand your link portfolio and the number of domains linking back to your site.

Set a goal for the number of links you need to acquire per week, to start off with you may say 10 links per week, that should do for a reasonable size site.

Get links from different domains – remember Google can tell if your link portfolio all come from the same place.


10 May

What do Google changes mean to Google Users?


By now you should have noticed that Google looks a bit different whilst still being characteristically Google.

The new Google interface is known as the Jazz Interface.


22 Apr

Google to start charging for Maps


I’ve had a rant about Google Maps before, especially the Google Local Business Centre element.

I’ve said a few times that Google has to improve the service and that they’ll need to make it make some money to put the investment they need to in, in order to improve the software.


21 Apr

Which is better Pay Per Click or Search Engine Optimisation?


You know, this is a question I get asked a lot, “which is better pay per click or SEO?” They are both a form of search marketing, they are both integral to most serious Internet marketing strategies and they both have their own unique merits and pitfalls.


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