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10 May

What do Google changes mean to Google Users?


By now you should have noticed that Google looks a bit different whilst still being characteristically Google.

The new Google interface is known as the Jazz Interface.

Has your web presence got Google Jazz?

As search marketers we tend not to think about how your website is performing, moreover there is a shift to understanding how your brand is working online.

The Jazz interface is Google’s push towards making search engine marketing much more in line with traditional brand lead marketing.

It features more prominent News, Blog, Video and Image Search functionality as well as a hope heap of more prominent opportunities for the users to refine their searches, this is Google acknowledging that they can’t do everything in one breath, whilst giving itself the opportunity to collect a load more data about search behaviour.

What’s Google Jazz got to do with Google Caffeine?

Everything. We’ve been waiting for this since January, there has been some changes to the way Google works in terms of implementation of Google

The Jazz interface will give Google all the information they need to start to get a real handle on how people are using their search engine, which is fundamental to elements such as personalised search and will be necessary as Google starts to index really deeply.

The ongoing development of personalization of search means individual search results and online behaviour are starting to have an influence in the SERPs. That coupled with real-time search and the evolution of blog search means that the social media element that was previously just considered an add on to organic search marketing has to be an integral part to everyone’s search marketing strategy.

Get in there first

Make sure that you’re taking advantage of the new blended search media that the Jazz interface allows, as with everything in Google’s scope there is an element of history to be brought into account and if you are able to get your brand and your online presence into the different channels first you are likely to have the chance to rank highly on an ongoing basis.

How to rank in Google’s new search formats

Remember to create new sitemaps for News, Videos, mobile sites and then add in as many micro-formatting elements as you can to give Google as much help as it needs to find and interpret your content.

Ultimately, more and more Google is working towards brand targeting, it appears that this is the direction the searchers are going as well – make sure you’re a search pioneer and you should be fine!

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