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22 Apr

Google to start charging for Maps


I’ve had a rant about Google Maps before, especially the Google Local Business Centre element.

I’ve said a few times that Google has to improve the service and that they’ll need to make it make some money to put the investment they need to in, in order to improve the software.


25 Mar

How to deal with duplicate Google Maps listings


Google Maps can be very important to your business, especially if you target a local market. The only problem is Google Maps and its integration with Google Local Business Listings is a bit of a hack, in fact in software terms you could call it a dog.


17 Feb

How to make Google crawl your website more often


It may seem crazy, however it’s fair to say that not every website out there is a blog, or has content that is updated frequently. In fact many business websites are relatively static and only change when a new product or service is added to the companies portfolio, or when the site is completely overhauled to bring it in line with new company branding.

The problem with this kind of website is that Google starts to realise that you’ve not been updating it and therefore starts to think that you don’t think your website is as important as another website that is being updated regularly for similar keywords. Specifically, the type of websites that get updated regularly tend to be blog sites – so your static business website gets usurped by opinion lead blog sites. This can also mean that Google Bot returns less often to your site, so even if you’ve made changes they don’t get reflected in the index.

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