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29 Jun

Voice Search on Google


A while ago I talked about the future of seo and the internet in general when it came to adapting what we do for people in automobiles.


16 May

What is Bitcoin?


Bitcoin is a P2P (peer-tp-peer) digital currency based on user networks.

This currency is based on the principle of the open source/wiki revolution of recent years, meaning there is no central authority rather all actions are taken at a collective level (unlike traditional method of monetary valuation which is based on government or financial authority regulation – known as Fiat Currency).

Is Bitcoin the future of currency?

In an economy that’s becoming far less centralized the relentless drive towards market led decentralisation can be felt everywhere – currency and payments methods are no different. From the advancements made through PayPal to Bitcoin, a full on online not for profit currency for the good of mankind. As commerce becomes increasingly trans-national and as the knowledge economy becomes increasingly dependent on homeworkers it’s likely that this will be developed into a truly global phenomenon.

Think of emails, within a few short years they had changed the way we thought of mail forever, within two decades they have become a real threat to the traditional form of paper mail, mail is now becoming synonymous with email whilst traditional mail forms are taking on derogatory names, most notably snail mail.

Does Bitcoin put the user back in control?

Bitcoin looks to change the way we view money in a very similar way to the way we view mail, by combining old and new technologies, Bitcoin put the user for the first time in direct control of the currency they use for the first time since the advent or the barter society way back in the mists of the stone age.

22 Oct

What’s best www. or non-www: the case for cookieless subdomains


We recently had some good old banter over lunch the other day regarding the infamous www. vs non-www question. Now I know this is a touchy subject for some people and you tend to find people sit one side rigorously defending either for or against the ye old “www” and I’m not going to jump right in and state whether I am for or against using the www, you will have to read on for that.


8 Oct

Google little blue arrow takes effect


Recently Google has been making changes, but this time the changes seem to be largely changes to the visitor interface (commonly know as the Jazz interface).


22 Jul

How to get some good ideas for copywriting


There’s no such thing as writers block – writers block is probably just your minds way of telling you you’ve nothing good to write about.

The trouble with internet marketing is you have to keep writing – you have to keep that churn going because you are competing in a noisy market place to attract the most number of people – whoever shouts the loudest is likely to be able to get more customers – that means writing as much as possible and getting it out there, that also means you’ve probably made the same point a few times by now and you’re not sure how you can repackage it and bring some fresh thoughts to it.


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