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9 Feb

Whack a Willy


whack a willy

This game has been developed by 2am; however, it has not been distributed within Blackpool’s NHS and Councils Teenage pregnancy campaign. The game uses graphics incorporated within this campaign. 2am have developed this game to engage the target audience by making a tricky situation into something more light hearted and fun to use. By doing so we are making the audience aware of the primary message “Wear a Condom”.

Willy Whacking League

Are you good at Whacking Willies? Have a bash at it! Play the game and we will start a league going to see who is best. Remember, only whack the unprotected willies or else you’ll be penalised!

Leave your comments about the game – let us know your thoughts.

Disclaimer: Repetitive Willy Whacking may cause wrist strain

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