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Did you know that the majority of business online is carried out by less than 15% of the UK’s companies?

Basically that means that there’s a load of money being made by not a lot of people and the longer your business waits to push its’ online presence the harder it is going to be to be successful.

2am’s mission is to make sure that the businesses we work with have the best possible chance of success on the internet.

why isn’t the internet working for me?

It’s a question we get asked time and time again. As search engine marketers 2am has years of experience in getting our clients into those high ranking positions and then coming up with strategies that are new and innovative to help them keep those positions. Successful internet marketers don’t focus on rankings, they focus on results – that means increasing new traffic, increasing repeat traffic and increasing onsite conversions.

how will 2am help me?

2am Media are able to offer every internet marketing service including:

  • Onsite Optimisation – climb up the rankings
  • PPC Management – immediate and measurable results
  • Online PR – generates interest and traffic
  • Social Networking – we’ll manage your Facebook and Twitter presence
  • Link Building – increased site authority to get you up the rankings
  • Videocasting – new media is increasingly picked up by the search engines
  • Copywriting – creating appealing and fresh content is essential for seo
  • Email Marketing – increase traffic and conversions with repeat visitors

We’ve just about covered everything you could possibly want, contact us online or alternatively give us a call and together we can work out what the best package for your internet marketing needs.

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