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14 Oct

Bing to use Facebook’s Like data for more social search results


Bing announced a partnership with Facebook that will see them including Facebook’s “Like” date in Bing’s Search results.


28 Jun

How long does SEO take to have an effect?


The honest answer to this is: it depends.

Firstly, what you do you mean by SEO, are you talking about building links, optimising the content, changing the absolute positioning of on page content, social media content, article writing, blogging (the list goes on).

28 Apr

Channel 4 and Bing join forces for Ad Campaign


Yesterday Channel 4 ran an innovative advertising campaign for Bing.


21 Dec

What to expect from the search engines in 2010?


Is the search market a two horse race?

It will be by the end of 2010 after Yahoo starts using Bing as its search engine provider.

The split is likely to be about 80 / 20 in favour of Google, however it’s likely that Bing will become far more important in the search marketing field as the two search engines generate some real market competition.


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