Usability testing and usability auditing services

Usability and web design are two sides of the same coin there is no point doing one without considering the other, which is why we offer a web design service that is unique in that it focuses on usability.

What is Website Usability Testing?

Usability testing enables you to simplify the tasks the visitor has to carry out and resolve any problems with the user experience and user journey process.

Ultimately, good usability will increase the ROI of your SEO, PPC, and other Internet Marketing activities.

What Usability Services do 2am offer?

  • Usability review
    Our usability experts review your website and categorise the usability issues.
  • Usability user testing
    2am Media gathers qualitative data from a representative sample of site users in order that we can determine the usability of your website.
  • User journey testing
    User journey testing allows us to determine how visitors are navigating around your website to get a good understanding of where people are dropping off or channeling out.
  • Accessibility audit
    Our accessibility developers will determine how accessible your website is and make suggestions about how your website can be improved to maximise its user accessibility.
  • User profiling and user path analysis
    We will determine the groups of users that are finding your website and review the user journeys of specific user groups in order to determine that the website fulfills the needs of specific user profiles.

Usability and SEO

2am Media applies usability testing along with ethical search engine marketing techniques to make sure your website delivers the maximum possible return on investment.

2am Media can carry out usability testing services for you and make suggestions about improvements for your web development company or department to implement, alternatively 2am can adapt your website following the suggestions from the usability audit.

Call us to find out how you, our customers, benefit from 2am’s unique web design lead usability audit, alternatively please use the contact form.

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