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8 Jul

How to Use Twitter for Copywriting


Just about everyone and their dog is on Twitter – if you’re not you should be, the thing is everyone has a Twitter account and most of them are inactive, or they aren’t being used to there best advantage.

Have you ever thought about how you can use Twitter to improve your writing style?

How does Twitter improve my writing?

Twitter makes you concise – simple. There is no room for over embellished, flowery, purple prose in Twitter, it’s techy, straight to the point, in your face, attention grabbing stuff. You have to be able to say exactly what you need to in as few words as possible.

Most people like to construct a sentence and 140 characters generally isn’t enough to pull it off effectively.

Why a large vocabulary is important for Twitter posts

You only have 140 characters. How are you going to say what you need to say in 140 characters? You need to find short descriptive words – get rid of those three words and use one short one.

How to inspire an action from a Twitter post

First of all don’t just post anything, if you want people to sit up and take note of what you’re saying go back and revise what you’ve written, several times if needs be, you need to put your editors hat on and get something really compelling.

Remember the old copywriting and marketing adage – feature first then benefit, that is tell your reader something that will engage them and then tell them how they will benefit from actioning your post.

It’s great fun; what’s more it’s a skill that crosses over into PPC ad variation creation.

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