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1 Jun

Twitter Intent Events


Twitter Intent Events are a simple way to track the way people interact with Twitter via your website.

Tracking Twitter Intent Events

2am’s Lead Developer, Leon Smith has come up with some pretty interesting ways to track Twitter Intent Events using Google Analytics and if you are in the area if would be worth checking out his blog NullUK on the matter.

What’s it all about then?

Twitter Events is all about measuring user interaction if you have already integrated your site with Twitter Web Intents, the Tweet Button and the Follow Button. (Twitter Web Intent detects if the user is logged into Twitter and also asked for login details if required, what’s more if the user doesn’t have a Twitter account they will have the opportunity there and then to sign up).

Why should I track Twitter Interactions?

Social is the future, if you want people to find your site you better make sure you are thinking about social factors, if you’re not thinking socially then you will miss significant amounts of traffic and not only from the social referrals, the main search engines are now using social signals to rank your site. All-in-all it’s becoming essential that you track the social interactions that come from your site.

Get in touch with 2am for more information about how you can benefit from tracking Twitter Intent events through Twitter.

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