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16 Mar

Next PageRank Update Prediction: March 2010?


It’s that time of year again when all of us SEO geeks, who will tell you over and over again that the PageRank displayed in the Google Toolbar doesn’t really matter, all collectively change our minds and wait with baited breath to get an idea of how our optimisation efforts have been rewarded by the PageRank metric.

When will PageRank Update next?

2am aren’t in the business of predicting PageRank updates, but as a bit of fun we did a straw poll round the office and came up with the end of March.

That’s not to say we all agree Ryan is adamant that it will happen today and Leon is going for the end of April and not the end of March.

When could PageRank next Update?

Google aren’t going to tell us, they like to keep us on our toes, they tend to do the updates every 3 – 4 months. Last year Google updated PageRank roughly every 3 months and I think they did it more frequently than that in the first half of 2009.

The last time they updated the PageRank that we can see in the toolbar was on 31st December 2009, so going off the back of that, we’re either at the end of a PageRank cycle or just entering the end of it.

It will either be around 31st March or 30th April 2010 (remember we are betting on March).

Why view the PageRank update?

It’s important to keep an eye on the PageRank update as it will give you an indication of how Google perceives your website on the internet however, as discussed previously I’d suggest it’s more important to regularly review the Google cache as this reflects the snapshot Google takes of your website and you can then work out how the changes you make effect the search results.

Let us know when you think PageRank will next update – we’d love to hear your predictions!

8 Responses to “Next PageRank Update Prediction: March 2010?”

  1. Simon

    I’ve just found the Google PageRank Updates historically:

    Previous Pagerank Updates

    * 06/06/2007 (Wednesday)
    * 20/10/2007 (Saturday)
    * 01/11/2008 (Thursday)
    * 29/02/2008 (Friday)
    * 29/04/2008 (Tuesday)
    * 24/07/2008 (Thursday)
    * 27/09/2008 (Saturday)
    * 31/12/2008 (Wednesday)
    * 1/4/2009 (Wednesday)
    * 28/5/2009 (Thursday)
    * 29/10/2009 (Thursday)
    * 31/12/2009 (Thursday)

    Interestingly, it looks as though PageRank mainly updates on a Thursday – as far as I can see PageRank isn’t updating at the moment which goes against the prediction 2am Made – there again it is Thursday tomorrow…

  2. Micheal

    Hmmm i was expecting an update today myself. I guess its got to be middle april ( i hope).

  3. Simon

    Hi Michael – check now!

    It looks as though the PageRank export has started.


  4. Alex

    I think the next one is in about a month.

  5. bb

    There are no rules about this, if Google wants to update the public value of PageRank every 1 or 6 months, it is just up to them.

    In reality, there is a private value of PR only visible to Google that changes everyday.

    Good luck to everybody !!!

  6. Simon

    I’d completely agree – the notion that PR is static is completely an abstract one and a myth that Google likes to continue to perpetuate.

    I would generally tell clients this as well – however when it comes to that time in the cycle to review the PageRank toolbar update we all sit up and take note of what’s happening.

  7. masthideals

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  8. Wordell

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