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29 Jan

How to do link building on a budget


Link building is one of the most effective ways of getting your site to the top of Google. It can also be one of the most expensive methods.

Why give something away on your website?

Think about what you do, and what has high value to your clients and potential clients which is relatively low value to you. For example I once had our developers create an “SEO checker” essentially this was on the homepage of the website, it allowed the visitor to check the keyword density, page load speed of their site etc. It took a developer a couple of days to figure out, but once we got this live on the site it generated loads of back links, kept people coming back to the site and even captured people’s data which we then followed up on.

Another example was a document entitled The SEO Experts Guide to Link Building – the visitor had to provide their details, but once they had they got to download a 45 page document, loads of people linked to this.

We did a bit of PR around this to get it out there and posted about it in the respective place, such as SEO blogs and website forums, which only served to add more and more links back to our site.

Why contribute to other people’s sites?

If you’re using your blog / website effectively you need to make sure you’re positioning yourself as an authoritative expert in your chosen field,  a great way of doing this is to appear in other people’s blogs as a guest contributor – make sure you get a link back to you site from the contribution, you’ll benefit from writing on a subject that is relevant to the content of your own site as well, you’ll get additional visitors and links from this approach.

How to get recommendations

ASK FOR THEM! If you’ve done a good job for your clients ask them to recommend you on their blog or website, be a bit cheeky with it – can they add a link back to your site so their clients or readers can easily find your site.

Business groups

Most business groups have their own website, if you’re a member of a business group see if you can get a link back from their website, this strengthens not only your external link density, it also adds validity to their site.

Directories – Choosing the best

Some people will tell you not to bother with directories, that they don’t pass on their strength. I have one word for this: DMOZ. DMOZ is the most potent directory out their and although getting an entry in their is nigh on impossible if you can you can rest assured your going to get a good link and an SEO boost.

There are other directories that you need to consider, have a look at local directories and niche directories, those directories that are backed by a strong website run by people passionate about what they do and not just out to make a quick bit of cash but putting any old rubbish up.

3 Responses to “How to do link building on a budget”

  1. James Bell

    Thanks for sharing this useful information Simon. I’m trying to increase my web presence selling Lake District Prints and this article has given me some new ideas as to another way forward. Thanks. James

  2. Simon

    Thanks for the feedback James, if you have any further questions be sure to get in touch.


  3. James Bell

    Hi Simon,

    I also have a Product Design Consultancy, 4D Products Ltd and we’d be interested in getting a proposal from you guys to develop our current website from a SEO point of view.

    Maybe you could drop me an email



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