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Link building is increasingly becoming one of the most important aspects of internet marketing, link building has direct SEO benefits and brand building campaigns.

How does link building help my site?

You may be wondering how links benefit your site, the obvious thought is that links direct visitors to your site and therefore increase the number of visitors your site is getting. This is of course true, but it’s not the main purpose of link building. The main purpose of link building is to increase your rankings in the search engines for specific keywords.

One of the most important factors in ranking your site is its popularity, search engines judge your site’s popularity in a number of way, the most important being the number of links that cme into your site, more than that they rate the quality of the links coming into your site.

It’s therefore quality not quantity of links that matter when it comes to link building.

You need to make sure that you’re getting links from sites that are relevant and of the right quality. Posting your website to directories that include things like porn and cheap Viagra could potentially damage your rankings because associating your online brand with these types of links discredits your online presence in the eyes of the search engines.

That’s why we guarantee that all our link building activities will benefit your website.

Why work with 2am for Link Building

2am Media employs an ethical “white hat” approach to link building, so you can be sure that your site isn’t going to be black listed in the future due to poor quality linking.

We’ll provide a report of all the links we’ve built and what keywords we’ve been focusing on and give you an idea about how they are performing.

How do we build inbound links at 2am?

  • Submit your site to all the quality directories
  • Link building through online press releases
  • Related content research

Give us a shout to discuss your link building requirements you can contact us online or call .

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