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12 Apr

The Ameon Racing Team are at Oulton Park for the Season Starter of Modified Live


Ameon is synonymous throughout the UK with the mechanical and electrical engineering and renewable sector. With this emphasis on cutting edge green technology, this bioethanel fuelled green machine from Ameon Racing is making a name for itself having previously won Time Attack Club Challenge 2010 Final Combined Classification in Snetterton. So there are sure to be a few eyes on Ameon Racing wondering if that win is only the start of a streak!

Time Attack, for those who don’t know are races that are organised to compete street tuned cars which when optimised can do so much more than you would ever expect from a street car. The tuners are professionals who really know their cars and make them achieve what some consider ridiculous things for streetcars to even try.

Relatively new to the racing circuit Ameon Racing have only been around since 2009 however with the aim of competing in events across Europe they won’t be thinking small when it comes to placing well this season. With years of experience in the team good things are sure to be expected.

Driver Rob Cowling commented, “I’m not superstitious. I prefer to rely on talent – fingers crossed!” I’m sure those fingers will be crossed on Saturday though perhaps it’s best not to during the race.

Rob’s father Tony Cowling is Ameon Racing’s Race Team Manager and Lee Mallinson Ameon Racing’s Race Technician will be watching closely to see if they can improve anything after the season starter to help with the further season. Particularly the AR-Evo 7 will be monitored closely to see if its specifications and tuning are truly as good as they can be.

2am will certainly be hoping for a good position after all the work Ameon Racing have put into both their vehicle and themselves. 2am’s Managing Director Peter Stubbs said “We know we can expect good things this season, all the guys at 2am will be watching with interest on Saturday and we can only hope that the Season Starter will be all that it promises to be.”

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