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7 Jun

Magento bought by eBay


Long ago 2am decided to pick one of the open source ecommerce platforms and focus on getting really good at it. We chose chose the market leading ecommerce software: Magento. It’s fair to say that we are by now mighty Magento developers.

eBay recently validated this choice with their recent acquisition of Magento.

Why did Ebay buy Magento

Originally, Ebay was just an auctioning website, however with the acquisition of PayPal they changed the way people deal with money on the internet.  Magento will become part of eBay’s new X.Commerce Group which will have the remit of developing an open source framework and tools for developers.

eBay’s core business has been fairly static over the last year however they have seen a big growth in the PayPal side of their business, Magento is the core to their new strategy of creating an “open commerce” platform that will tap into all the eBay group’s many platforms and vehicles.

Magento: a safe bet

When 2am were looking at which ecommerce software to specialize in it became apparent very quickly that we would settle on Magento, due to the scope and capability it affords us as developers. It also allows us to keep our costs down which means really happy customers.

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