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29 Jan

Is the iPad Apple’s swan song or the future?


In the office we all work on Macs, we all have iPhones, most of us have iPods, some of us have MacBooks – however the iPad has really stirred up a bit of debate internally.

I may have all the gadgets but I’m not exactly an Apple-a-phile. I’m wondering just what the point of the iPad actually is. Ok so it’s too small for desk top use, too big to be an iPod – doesn’t make calls so doesn’t compete with the iPhone, there’s no camera on it – seems to me to be a costly white elephant.

There again, some of the guys here reckon that it would be perfect for sitting in front of the TV with and using it like a laptop. Maybe, I think the verdict’s still out on this one.

Apple think this is the future and who knows some people are certainly excited about it. We’ll see.

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