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24 Jun

An OpporToon Moment


You might be wondering why we have randomly started doing a 2am cartoon/comic. Well, the simple answer is we wanted to get more people to visit our blog but we also wanted it to be a fun experience too. Some blogs can be full of jargon and techie stuff, we wanted to show off our fun side in a creative way.

We sat down and discussed some ideas. The requirements were something fun and different to what other web agencies were doing, but wasn’t too time consuming or too complicated, because we have a lot of work on at the moment here in the office.

Our intern Laura came up with this idea, and we agreed that is was a good idea to try out. Laura found a website where she could create the cartoons, and set off from there. The comic is based on observations of life here at 2am, little in jokes and some over-exaggerated general humour that is applicable to aspects of our office antics.

We decided to post 2 cartoons a week for a few reasons. Firstly, we didn’t want to bombard you with too many tweets and posts about our blog, that can be overwhelming and we didn’t want you to feel discouraged about visiting our website. Secondly, we are extremely busy on a number of different projects and we wanted to make sure that we would have enough time to make the cartoons. Finally, all though the cartoons don’t look that complex, it takes time, effort and ideas to make them. We have aimed to use different jokes to keep it fresh and Laura really likes her little details in each cartoon, probably things you have overlooked or didn’t even notice in the backgrounds. She urges you to disregard the standard of the first cartoon though, she had only just discovered the website and wasn’t sure what she would be able to do with it yet. There was a lot of trial and error involved but we got there in the end.

We will continue with the cartoon for as long as Laura is with us, as she is an intern here for a few weeks over the summer, we aren’t sure just how long we will have her for.  When she does leave, she will leave us with all the passwords and login details and hopefully we will have the time to keep it up and create more cartoons for those who visit our blog.

We have to say that, we have seen some response to the comics in the number of visits, likes and retweets and we hope that you continue visiting us. Who knows, you might actually find we have some interesting information to share.

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