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20 Aug

PHP Web Developer Wanted in Preston


Due to a raft of new client wins and an abundance of work, we are looking for a recently graduated web developer to join our team. We’re not expecting you to be the finished article, we’re more than willing to help you improve your skills.

Along with the devotion to quality, detail and deadlines you must have some experience or a basic understanding and willingness to learn the following:

  • Clean, pragmatic development with PHP 5.
  • MySQL and database administration.
  • Knowledge of the LAMP stack.
  • Experience customising large open-source packages such as WordPress and Magento.
  • Good MVC fundamentals, as you’ll also be working with CakePHP and Zend (Django or Rails is a bonus).

Creative Web Developer

The successful applicant will enjoy a friendly, fun, open-minded, progressive and creative environment here at 2am. It is an exciting time to join as our accounts continue to grow in size and scope.

P.S being an excellent baker will score you good points in our cake friday competitions!

The deadline for all applications is the 20th of September 2010, so what are you waiting for?

Strictly no agencies, thanks.

10 Responses to “PHP Web Developer Wanted in Preston”

  1. Kyle Welsby

    Sounds Great.
    The only thing that is stopping me from applying is that my Weapon of choice is Ruby on Rails.

    Good luck to whom ever gets accepted to this role.

  2. Simon

    Hi Kyle,

    Thanks for getting in touch – don’t suppose you can be lured to the dark side? ;)


  3. Kyle Welsby

    The Dark side LOL.
    I would Love to join 2am Media, I have sufficiant PHP skills but to be fair and honest it’s not my favoriate platform.
    Not to kid, if my weapon of choice for a CMS would be WordPress and I would dig in as deep to ensure a project is fully done.
    When it comes to bespoke builds, It’s just quicker, nicer and easier to use Ruby on Rails.

    Just cause I’m amazing.

    I sure hope you have a Intergalactic Space shuttle at your disposal Simon.

  4. Simon

    Hi Kyle,

    How do you think I got into work this morning? In the evenings I relieve my bro on the space station whilst he gets some rest on our Dad’s island in the pacific.

    If you’re a superstar then I suggest you pass your CV through to us – if you’re not then I wouldn’t bother….


  5. Gaurav Tiwari

    Dear Sir/Ma’am,

    In regards to your advertisement for php web developer position I would like to apply for this position. I am final year student in Lancaster university and looking for some part time work in web design/development field. I do not have any commercial experience but I have relevant knowledge of PHP,, Html, CSS, Javascript.
    Do you think I am eligible to apply for this position.
    Thank you for your time


  6. Simon

    Hello, thanks for the comment. At the moment we think we have found the right person for the job – however if you are looking for a company to give you a bit of commercial experience then send through your CV and we will have a look and think about it.

  7. Michael

    I saw your request for a graduate, I am still currently studying, however with the way things are going I have more time developing systems outside of my studies as the first year is rather laborious with the amount of already known material.

    I have already got two fully working systems under my belt one was a framework for architectural engineering (as the sole programmer on the project) and the other was a psychology based system (worked with one other programmer)

    My languages are PHP5, Java, C++ and the use of Processing (Java) and Processing.js (Web Enabled).

  8. Simon

    Hi Michael, can you send your CV through to please?

  9. Matthew


    I’m currently nearing the end of my degree course in Interactive Media Development and i’m looking for a full time/part time web design job.

    Considering your advert says ‘all applicants must apply before september 20th’ i guess im too late, but i was just wondering if there was any jobs available for a junior web-designer?

    I have basic knowledge of Flash. I consider myself to be very good using CSS and html5. i have also previously used PHP and Mysql.

    Matthew. :D

  10. Simon

    sure can you send your CV through please or give us a call

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