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6 Dec

What is Auto SEO


I’m not talking about automatic search engine optimisation – the day that comes along is the day I’m out of a job. I’m talking about carrying out searches from your car.

You might think I’m talking futuristic talk – but think about it, how long ago was it that you were thinking mobile search would never take off? I personally make a large amount of my searches from my iPhone everyday. Also – think about how many people sit in their car and their phone connects automatically.

The technology is just around the corner and we all better make sure we are thinking about how this will change the way we as search marketers think about the way people use the net.

Built in Cellular Antenna

Before you know it every new car will come with a built in cellular antenna and it won’t just be GPS and calls that will have the voice recognition treatment, you’ll be sending a text or writing an email by speaking.

As an SEO will you be ready to hook into the massive potential of auto-internet?

Auto Website Accessibility

The thing about navigating around the internet whilst you’re driving is you need to do it all through the oral commands, that means you also need audio responses, so the websites that are going to be ready for this change are those that are already implemting the webs highest standards of web accessibility (AAA).

Triple A accessibility websites deal with just about every impairment that you could imagine however they are especially concerned with how the visually impaired interact with them. Whilst in a car the driver has to concentrate on the road, they may glance at the screen from time to time which from the point of view of using the internet has to be considered on the same lines as a visual impairment.

Internet TV vs Autointernet

For a long time I’ve been thinking that the next big thing in Internet TV, however I question if the infrastructure is in place in the short to medium term to implement this properly. The 3G network is already in place to give a good level of coverage and the vehicle manufacturers are always looking for that next thing that can be included in a vehicle to increase its value – are we ready as internet marketers to cater for what could be a massive captive audience.

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