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26 Feb

Webkit CSS animations & Google Gravity


Zurb have followed up their awesome CSS3 button tutorial with Radioactive buttons that would make a beautiful call to action button on any website.

The glowing buttons use the webkit implementation of the CSS3 animation (-webkit-animation) and its a shame that Firefox hasn’t got a moz alternative (-moz-animation) implemented within the release builds (it’s only available in the nightly builds), so if you would like to see this animation work then download ether a nightly build of Firefox or view it in Safari or Google Chrome!

Radioactive Buttons

And then to further your web pleasures I stumbled upon the Google gravity example over at and was thinking has anyone actually implemented this on their website or any other famous websites? Would be interesting to see how this works on the default Facebook dashboard?…

Anyway if anyone has implemented this anywhere else then please post us the link and we can add it onto the end of this article!

Direct Link to Google Gravity

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