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15 Jun

What is habitat creation?


Currently habitat creation doesn’t create equivalent sites to old, long-established ones. It isn’t a substitute for the conservation of the best sites,  however it is able to provide for the common and widespread which may be declining, and some rarer species may turn up.

Habitat creation involves moving a habitat from one location to another with as many of its species as possible and creating a new habitat on land previously occupied by another habitat, for example; wild flower grassland or wasteland on cultivable land and woodland on grassland.

There are a few issues that are associated with the advocation of translocation. This depends upon site value, the likely level of success in moving it, suitable use of location and any other possible alternatives.

In order to carry out a successful translocation, habitat creation, there are certain things that need to be done. Careful organisation is a key aspect of this, research into receptor site must be done and the developer must be committed to the project. There must be proper funding established and available alongside a Long term management plan. Translocation of a habitat will fail without all these in place

Countryside Management Contractors and Habitat Creation

For all countryside management contractors, Habitat Creation is probably one of the most important areas of work, which in not only concerned with the physical development and landscaping of natural areas for the benefit of human beings.

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