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13 May

2am at 10 Downing Street


From time to time 2am’s projects get reviewed by various members of the establishment, however last night our latest education project was given the seal of approval by no less than the British Prime Minister.

The project in question is called Bridge and is a platform designed to allow better integration between the business community with educational providers and students, providing students with an additional avenue for vocational learning.

The concept and ongoing project was discussed at length with David Cameron, when Business and Enterprsise Specialist Nicola Hall attended at event an Number 10 Downing Street to collect the Prime Minister’s Big Society Award for the parent project of Bridge, namely the Hero project.

The Prime Minister warmly welcomed the ways in which the project is continuing to develop, demonstrating a keen interest in the project as well as an understanding of the need for better integration between the business and education communities.

2am has worked closely with both the Hero and Bridge projects, from conceptualisation to brand development, web design and web development.

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