multilingual web design

2am Media specialise in creating websites that are designed to target multiple languages. Not only do we target non-English speakers we also build the sites in such a way that they are able to be optimised for different search engines such as Google, Yandex (in Russia) and Baidu (in China).

Multilingual Content Management

Our content management system (CMS) solutions allow for you to manage your content, this may be done centrally or by your organisation’s international team, giving them a massive commercial advantage over other websites that have to rely on automated tranlsation programs such as Google Translate. This results in increased localisation of the search results that gives content that is more userfriendly for the visitor.

Different Domains for Different Countries

2am believe that it’s best to target your key audiences and as such build websites that can be run on separate domains that are unique to the requirements of that search market (and language group) bring targeted.

2am’s multilingual web design packages are suitable for all businesses that want to expand the scope of their website’s visibility. Originally geared towards servicing our travel sector clients this service is now employed in a wide variety of websites.

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