Jargon Buster

We aren’t all computer wizards, so to help you make sense of our services, check out this Jargon Buster:

Search Engine-Search Engine’s index millions of sites on the Web, so that users can easily find Web sites with the information they want. They acts as large databases of Websites and based on titles, keywords, and the text in the pages, search engines can locate relevant Websites when users enter search terms or phrases. Google, Lycos, Ask, and Yahoo are all search engines.


PPC- Stands for Pay Per Click. By using online advertising. Companies can target potential customers for free, only paying when the customer clicks no their advertisement.


SEO- Stands for Search Engine Optimisation. This is the process of adjusting various elements of your website to make it work in the way you intend. These elements include the keywords attached to the site ad the page descriptions.


Keyword- Keywords are words or phrases that describe the content of a website. These can be used as search terms when using search engines, so it is important to choose the well.


URL- A URL is the address of a specific website or document on the internet. URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator.


Site Map- A site map provides an overview of the content within a website. For smaller websites, site maps will include a description of each page, whereas larger websites will only include descriptions of major categories within the website.


Google AdWords- An example of an online advertising network that displays Pay Per Click adverts. This is the network that we work with at 2am.

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