Wolf Creek Press Pack for Mister.S

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Wolf Creek Press Pack for Mister.S

Not that we don’t love our day-to-day jobs, but when we’re tasked with putting those to one side for a minute to chop up hair, handle blood-covered artefacts and roll around in some hay, you sort of have to jump at the chance.

A Petrifying Press Pack

FOX TV is a long term client of Mister.S, the North West’s foremost creative house for entertainment design and marketing. Mister.S brought us aboard to help create an extravagant press kit for the upcoming TV show Wolf Creek.

A show exploring the further exploits of Wolf Creek’s crazed serial killer Mick Taylor should have some equally creepy marketing materials to match, so we came up with the idea of creating Taylor’s personal keepsake box. The tin would contain everything a murderer could dream of from a lock of the victim’s hair to their wallet and photographs. Gruesome, I know.


The Whole Sordid Affair

2am alongside Mister.S designed and secured the tin and its contents. Starting with the purchase of blank tins, we created a vinyl overlay for Wolf Creek Hard Candy and went from there. Also included were personal photographs of some of Taylor’s victims; a wallet complete with blood-stained driving licence and coffee shop loyalty card; a lock of hair (hand-cut from a wig by some budding 2am barbers); a tourist information guide to Wolf Creek (where the TV show’s details were secretly hiding); and a metric shedload of hay, secured from our very own farmhouse neighbours!


The whole thing was delivered in suitable police evidence packaging to hopefully scare the hell out of whoever received it. At least, we think that was the idea…


The only bit the guys didn’t enjoy was tidying up after.


Bloody Good TV

The press packs were well received by publications such as SciFiNow, Vulture Hound, The Sunday Times, Daily Express and Entertainment News. The show itself was a critical and commercial smash hit, receiving praise from reviewers across the globe.

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