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Vinyl Groove Cafe

Lytham St Annes may be known for its café culture, but it’s never seen anything quite like this. Combining a music-themed café with a state-of-the-art audio equipment retailer, Vinyl Groove needed a brand as cool as its premise.

All You Need is Love

Ian Barnett has been a vinyl lover for as long as he can remember. So when it was time for him to open his own café business, there was little deliberation on how it would be themed, or which design agency he’d pick to help realise his plan.

Our Creative Director John, a musician himself, had a ball with the brand concepts for this one, but we think the finalised design perfectly encapsulates what Vinyl Groove Café is all about.

Vinyl Groove Cafe

Vinyl Groove Cafe Business Cards

Don’t Stop Believin’

As well as creating the Vinyl Groove Café brand, 2am also designed everything from stationery and business cards, to menus, the single page website and branded mugs. We also created the lyrical signage that adorns the walls of the café inside and out, and really helps to hammer home the musical vibe Ian was going for.


Go Your Own Way

Above the café itself is the home of Windmill Audio, an ultra-modern reseller of Sonos products and associated accessories. A high-end sister company selling high-end audio products, the branding had to be subtler. Using the nearby Lytham Windmill as a focal point, the logo resembles the familiar windmill blades as well as the imagery of high-fidelity sound emanating from a single place.

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