NHS: Think! Why A&E?

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NHS: Think! Why A&E?

NHS Blackpool CCG, NHS Fylde and Wyre CCG and Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust wanted to create a campaign that would educate people on what each NHS service can be used for, but in an interesting and distinctive way. If the NHS’s full range of facilities was used more widely, ambulances and A&E departments would be free to deal with emergencies and life-threatening illnesses rather than non-urgent appointments.

Young Man…

2am created the Think! Why A&E? campaign to increase awareness of wasted resources and motivate the public to reconsider whether they need emergency attention in every case. We created a clear, distinct brand and colour-coded characters to represent each service, quickly communicating the symptoms that can be treated in each case. The characters and branding are supported by a stylish scrolling website, offline poster campaign and an animated music video featuring a parody of the Village People song ‘YMCA’ with instructional lyrics on the function of each NHS service.

Simple Yet Effective

When it came to the website, simplicity was key in order to put the message front and centre. With the anthropomorphic characters appearing first and foremost with their corresponding ailment and applicable service, we were able to deliver key information about the core NHS services in an stylish and interesting way. As with all of our websites, http://whyaande.nhs.uk/ is fully mobile responsive, so it’ll look equally great on a phone, tablet or desktop.

Think! Why A&E? Website


Characters Brought to Life

The campaign has been extremely well received by the local NHS, as well as branches all around the country, leading to further printed materials such as information packs of leaflets and posters and 3D cardboard cutouts. We’ve spotted them all over the place, from the expected (doctor’s surgeries, hospitals) to the unusual (shops, pavements and the local cinema!).

Think! Why A&E?
Think! Why A&E?

An Award-Winning Campaign

Think! Why A&E? even reached more than 3.5million visitors during the Blackpool Illuminations when the music video was part of the tableaux displays at North Shore.

The campaign has received widespread recognition and praise, winning the Most Original Concept Award at the inaugural Haelo Film Festival, as well as becoming a finalist at the British Interactive Media Awards 2015 and the 2015 Radio Wave Lifestyle and Culture Awards.

NHS Think Advert

Devised as a local campaign with NHS Blackpool CCG, NHS Fylde and Wyre CCG and Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Think! Why A&E? has now been adopted by NHS trusts across the country. Look out for one of our little fellas near you!

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