The value of creating an award-winning website

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The value of creating an award-winning website

So, you have your brand new website and it’s everything you’ve ever wanted; but is it good enough to win an award or get featured in a design blog? If you’ve spent your hard-earned cash on it then you’d certainly hope so. • 

“My website won’t win an award…”

Obviously not every website has the need to be stupendously ground-breaking, and grab the attention of the planet, but you’ll be glad to know there’s an award out there for almost every type of website- as long as it does the job it was built to do and does it well.

My personal website,, recently won an award for being “super minimal” and it’s literally that- a few block-coloured slides with 16 words spread over them. It’s a million miles away from being innovative but it does the job perfectly and for that I was rewarded with a thousand referrals in under a week from

Daryl Brunsden Award

Even if your website doesn’t win anything, most award sites will keep your design in their gallery section for people to stumble across now and then, so there’s no harm in spending those two minutes submitting it.

“I won something! What now?”

Once you win any award you instantly get pulled into a huge chain-reaction. Smaller design blogs and other similar websites will reproduce the content award sites have posted and spread your website like wild fire to their audiences across the web.

We recently launched the new 2am site earlier this year and received lots of attention from award websites and design blogs due to its interesting navigation and minimalistic approach. We submitted it to several leading award sites to get the ball rolling, such & The 2am site soon spread around the web and within two months I’ve just counted around 50 design sites which are featuring our website off their own back! Take a look at the mammoth spike in visits our already popular website received once it won an award.

Analytics 2am Media

“Why would I want thousands of designers visiting my website every week?”

Many people point out it’s only the design industry that will be visiting your brand new website, which aren’t necessarily your target audience. This is true to a certain extent, but does it really matter? Increasing the traffic to your website is essential for spreading the word, so it may be a designer that see’s it first, but the people they communicate with may be prospective customers.

I’ve had this discussion several times now with clients and other people in my industry, but ultimately you have no idea who the individual is looking at your website. If what your website is selling or promoting is relevant to that person (designer or not), then that single hit is a bloody good one! In my eyes, no matter what the site is about, any visit is a good visit- target market or not.

“Will it help my Google ranking?”

All these wonderful awards and features you’ve now received will be full of various keywords relating to your site, including your company name and a priceless natural backlink to your website.

Awwwards Nomination 2am

So now when a potential customer types into Google “your beautifully crafted specific key-phrase”, not only does your website display at the top, you’ll hopefully see the several award sites displaying just underneath. This inadvertently allows your website to occupy more of the search results people see and potentially push competitors further away from you and that top spot!

Spend those two minutes and submit your website, then kick-back and let the rest of the world spread the word. You’ve got nothing to lose, but everything to gain. It could be the best use of two minutes of your time, ever.

Don’t have an award winning website to submit anywhere? Then contact 2am and let us create one for you; we’ll even spend those extra two minutes submitting your website to some of our favourite and most prestigious web design award websites- just for you!

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