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Smiths Hire, Training & Retail

A leader in the equipment and tool hire industry for more than 40 years, Smiths Hire has since expanded into equipment retail and training as well. But with a dated website that was buckling under the weight of so many features added after the fact, it was 2am’s job to create a cleaner look and superior functionality for administrators and customers alike.

An Inspired Solution

With Smiths Hire, we were presented with the challenge of taking two and a half websites that had slowly mutated over time and bringing them back to Smiths’ brand and core values, as well as perfecting the sites’ usability and making them fully mobile responsive.

Smiths Hire Website

A Consistent Solution

Our first step was to separate the three services into three distinct and separate websites: Smiths Hire, Smiths Trade and Smiths Training. Because of the nature of all three businesses, all sites would need to take elements of the well-designed brochure sites 2am is known for and combine these with a fully fledged e-commerce system. For this reason we opted to develop the websites using the WooCommerce and WordPress platforms, providing seamless integration of product or service sales into the user friendly CMS, for easy management of products, categories, promotions, order details, customer details and general page content.

For these bespoke builds, there was very little out-of-the-box functionality; instead we had to focus on putting a comprehensive action plan into place from day one, fully realising how the sites would be structured and formulated to ensure a smooth build.

Smiths Training Website

A Bespoke Solution

The design of all websites remains consistent and on brand, with each one adhering to its individual colour scheme. The design also incorporates a top-level navigation bar linking back to the other Smiths services, creating a fluid experience for the user and making all parts of the sites available at any point.

Smiths Retail Website

2am migrated the content from a variety of sources, including catalogues, brochures and the old website in order to include a comprehensive database of goods and services. It was a big job, but someone had to do it!


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