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With an energetic new Brand Strategy and a Visual Identity that really packs a punch, Raw Sport is set to position itself as the guru of natural nutrition, a market leading, must-have health and fitness brand.


We are really excited to announce that we are working long-term with some true pioneers of Health Nutrition. Dean Howell, an English former professional footballer and first vegan pro-footballer, who is revered by professional sports athletes around the world, is founder of Revolution foods, pioneers in Super Food Nutrition.



Being an ex-footballer, Dean, #therealhealthcoach, created Raw Sport with only one thing in mind, better natural nutrition for anyone interested in sport and fitness. Incorporating the most important aspects of sports recovery, with its proteins, immunity support, electrolytes and antioxidants at the core of its range, Raw sports products were created to look after your body before, during and after exercise using only the purist raw plant based ingredients.

A real learning curve.

We are no stranger here at 2am to fitness, but when approached by Revolution foods to rebrand we were stepping out of our ‘popping to the gym to do a quick half hour sesh twice a week’ comfort zone and entering a whole new educational road trip of science and wellbeing. It’s been a real eye-opener and has encouraged a bit of a personal lifestyle change.

Packaging Design (all will be revealed).

Working to the design essence of ‘Where science meets nature’, we refined the existing identity and gave it a more sculpted, distinctive look. With only a quick second to grab the consumers attention, we needed to come up with a packaging design that would stand out from the crowd, or better still, pounce off the shelf. We needed an exceptional design concept for an exceptional product, so that’s what we created.

Brand New Website.

Launching in September 2018, Raw sports new packaging designs, new product ranges and BRAND new website will all be revealed… Watch this space!

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