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Preston Guild Hall

Preston Guild Hall is one of Lancashire’s most well-known and best loved entertainment venues, and with its new ownership came a complete rebuild of the Guild Hall’s somewhat dated website. When 2am was approached to create something new for them, we jumped at the chance (and not just to get tickets to the next snooker tournament).

The Greatest Shows on Earth

One of the areas we particularly focussed on was the usability of the site itself, as well as the wider user experience. Since Preston Guild Hall’s primary function is as an entertainment venue, we prioritised shows with our site design, featuring them heavily on the homepage with a featured shows slideshow placed front and centre.


However, it didn’t stop there. Once you get into the full shows section, we implemented functionality that made it simpler than ever to filter shows based on variables such as genre and date, allowing potential audience members to find the show that’s right for them based on a date range or what kind of entertainment they’re after.

We also ensured the ticket and pricing information was clear and well-structured to keep potential confusion to a minimum and customer satisfaction to a maximum.

Careful Consideration

Preston Guild Hall isn’t just a venue spot, it’s also home to a range of bars, restaurants, conference spaces and leisure facilities. With so much to offer, the website has to cater and promote every aspect of the Guild Hall, and convey a lot more information besides.

This large amount of content required a great deal of planning and consideration to get right. We fully mapped how the site should be constructed beforehand, ensuring the client was happy at every stage of the process to eliminate any issues further down the line.


As part of this organisation process, we took steps to give ample development time to the dining experiences on-site, each one receiving its own mini-site to promote them as separate brands while keeping them under the Preston Guild Hall umbrella.

We also put thought into how corporate clients, as well as consumers, would use the site. For instance, each of the Guild Hall’s five venues features information on facilities, size and capacity, as well as a full floor plan and usage recommendations.

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