NHS Blackpool Hypertension Campaign

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NHS Blackpool Hypertension Campaign

2am has designed numerous large-scale outdoor media campaigns for the NHS, from creative concepts to completion, including the provision of billboard advertising and local transport advertising. The hypertension awareness campaign was aimed at engaging people aged 40–60 in Blackpool and encouraging them to get their blood pressure checked.

What’s Your Number?

The Blackpool population is at significant risk of hypertension and associated diseases including heart attack and stroke. The treatment of the latter poses a great cost to the NHS. To combat this, they required a campaign to encourage the target demographic to have their blood pressure checked by a GP.

We designed a multifaceted campaign to engage the target audience, taking advantage of numerous advertising channels. We deployed a large-scale outdoor media campaign using local Blackpool business owners to front the campaign. We involved them directly, ensuring they were within the target age range and displaying their genuine blood pressure readings.

Know Your Number Branding

NHS Know Your Number

We supported this with online advertising through social media channels and competitions, which saw a huge response and engaged users in discussion. We supported the NHS with the delivery of community blood pressure drop-in services and the design and procurement of branded merchandise.

Andy Mitchell

A Highly Distinctive Brand

The outdoor media advertising and social media marketing campaign was a big success for the Blackpool Clinical Commissioning Group’s hypertension awareness campaign, with it paying for itself and then some in a matter of weeks.

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