Lancashire Victim Services Brand, Website & Advertising Campaign

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Lancashire Victim Services Brand, Website & Advertising Campaign

Lancashire Victim Services offers victims of recent and past crime a place to talk about what they’ve been through in a safe and sympathetic environment. They wanted a new brand identity that was sensitive to victims of crime, and that would encourage those individuals to seek help when they needed it.

How Did We Get here…?

When creating a new brand identity, we wanted to eliminate the word ‘victim’ from the main brand name and focus on moving forward positively, rather than defining clients by their status as victims.

We workshopped several ideas, but kept coming back to the same concept that Lancashire Victim Services is always available to those who need them for support or a friendly ear.

As an agency we knew that the message we’d want to convey is that we are here for those in need, here to listen and here to offer support.

We realised that everything the service represents is encapsulated in that word–here.

Lancashire Victim Services

here… is a name that shows there is always support and assistance available for those in need, and by qualifying it with the subtitle of Lancashire Victims Services, it sends a clear message as to what the service provides. Those victims who seek out help or assistance from here… will receive support from the support officers, and through this they will rediscover the strength they need to rebuild their confidence and their future.

Lancashire Victim Services

We developed a logo that works towards the brand’s aim of providing support for victims of crime, even for those people who are more reluctant at first. The lowercase ‘h’ conveys a feeling of familiarity and friendliness—an important quality for those victims that will have a desire to feel welcome—and in order to link the brand with Lancashire Police and Crime Commissioner, we used a similar colour scheme and a silhouette of the classic flower logo.

Prioritising Usability & Safety

Lancashire Victim Services

The here… website expends upon the brand we created for the service, reflected in the colour scheme and style of imagery used. The most important features were ensuring contact details are immediately visible, as well as clearly displaying separate sections for victims, witnesses and volunteers in the top navigation. The entire website was designed with usability in mind, ensuring all users are able to get the information they need as quickly as possible.

As an extra security measure, we also included a quick hide link that would immediately redirect the site to the Google homepage. This was created in order to make users able to browse the site without the fear of being caught by a potential assailant or someone they feel threatened by.

A Step in the Right Direction

Lancashire Victim Services

In the first year of the Lancashire Victim Services, 40,000 referrals have been made with around 8,500 people receiving long term one-to-one support by case workers or volunteers.

In addition, many other crime victims were provided telephone support and advice or signposting to other organisations for help and volunteers working with LVS made over 950 visits to victims of crime across Lancashire.

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