Laila’s Fine Foods

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Laila’s Fine Foods

As a company, we have grown up together with Laila’s Fine Foods, creating everything for them for almost 30 years. When you have such a long-standing relationship, you start to know what the client wants before they do!

Laila's Logo

Mouthwatering Dishes

When we first walked into Laila’s factory, the sights of their delicious products immediately blew us away. That’s when we knew what would get potential clients hooked.

We have always been directly involved with the company’s brand, from creating the original branding all the way back in 1999, to their modernised brand refresh in 2005, and a dynamic, responsive website was the perfect theme to complete their identity.

Lailas Fine Foods Mockup

Looking Good on Any Platform

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and that’s especially true for the authentic meals that Laila’s Fine Foods produces. We really did let the food speak for itself here, showcasing high quality images of Laila’s fantastic range of products, as well as being fully mobile responsive to allow any user to get the full experience.


The Complete Package

We have also taken care of most of Laila’s offline marketing and stationery needs, including promotional photography, advertisements, exhibition stands, brochures and the mouthwatering packaging you can see above. Yum!

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