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Inspired Energy PLC

Inspired Energy PLC required a complete rebrand to bring together all their companies under a connected identity. We were only too happy to oblige.

A Fresh Start

2am was hired to completely rebrand the company, bringing together all of the company’s core brands, namely Direct Energy Purchasing (DEP), kWh Consulting, Inspired Energy Solutions, Inspired Energy PLC and EnergiSave Online.

Inspired Energy PLC Logo

A Groundbreaking Brand

We created a shared colour scheme and brand that unifies the businesses, as well as a central shared logo to indicate Inspired’s momentum and direction. To match Inspired Energy’s new identity, we designed and created new, dynamic websites, built from the ground up to host new content through blog and news posts, as well as lending our social media management skills to increase Inspired Energy’s social authority with timely and relevant updates. Using our chosen CMS, WordPress, we incorporated and displayed feeds from all major social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Youtube. We also included social action buttons and icons with all relevant content, to enable and encourage users to ‘pin’, ‘tweet’, ‘like’ and ‘share’.

Inspired PLC Mockup

A Multi-Tiered Approach

All content from the previous websites was manually migrated and rewritten to properly optimise the copy to rank in search engines. This enabled us to review all the content and ensure text formatting was correct. This is more time consuming but we felt that it was necessary to ensure that the content was not compromised through automated processes and that users have the best experience possible from the outset.

We also launched the separate Inspire Lifestyle brand on behalf of the company, a health and lifestyle brand under the Inspired banner. The gym, café and beauty parlour all operate independent microsites, but are brought together with, a news post and blog roll site dedicated to health and fitness tips across the three services.

Inspired Energy

Inspired Energy

Inspired Energy
Inspired Energy

A Multimedia Campaign

As well as our vast experience in website design, construction and maintenance, we also provided our full range of marketing capabilities, including marketing techniques and advice; recommendations on the direction of the brand and the business as a whole; multimedia advertising; environmental design of the Inspired offices; event banners; design and production of branded stationery; and a currently ongoing advertising campaign. We also have expertise in email marketing, creating email signatures and templates for use with services such as MailChimp and Campaign Monitor. While we pride ourselves on our creative talents, we also possess skills in abiding by company guidelines. The stationery, for example, was for simple, functional use, with clean, consistent designs. This was in accordance with Inspired Energy’s brand guidelines, which were also created and outlined by 2am.

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