Website Analysis

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Website Analysis

Maintaining and developing a fantastic website takes planning, research and awareness. We want to make sure that your website grows with your business, your customers and the market trends, so 2am offers insightful website analysis to keep an eye on who’s using your website and what for, in order to continually enhance the user experience and your return on investment.

Google Analytics

We use website analysis tools, such as Google Analytics, to measure the success and usage of your website. This is great for developing market research, tracking where users are coming from to get to your website, what content and features they are using when they get there and what keeps them coming back for more!

Analytics software allows us to understand which areas of your website are exceeding and where there are opportunities for development to create a better experience for your users. For e-commerce websites we can even use conversion analytics to understand how users are shopping and what for. We can even keep track of how users are sharing your content across social media platforms with social analytics, how your mobile and tablet responsive website features are performing and how your marketing campaigns are standing up to scrutiny with advertising analytics.

Social Marketing Analytics

It’s not just your website we like to keep an eye on; at 2am we like to measure the success of everything we do so we can keep doing it better. Well, there’s nothing wrong with aiming high is there? In addition to website analysis, we use available social marketing analytics to monitor the success of your social media activity and develop content to continually engage your connections. And, if we help you with Facebook advertising, Pay Per Click advertising or email marketing, we monitor the success of your keywords and content, and provide you with frequent reports.

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