Video Production Portfolio

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Video Production Portfolio

If video production hasn’t worked its way into your marketing strategy, let this serve a message that it should have by now. Facebook videos receive 10 billion views a year and your amazing brand’s should be in the mix.

Use Video to Bring Your Brand into 2016

Not only will video production help your business appear hip to the times, it’s one more way to get messages about your services out to Preston, Lancashire and the wide world beyond! Our portfolio of creative videos has enabled our clients to reach new markets and has even helped with search engine optimisation.

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2am’s video production portfolio includes fantastic work we’ve created for a range of purposes and clients, including the NHS, national care providers and local hair salons. Our work on Why A&E’s musical parody video went viral and earned us a Haelo Award for Most Original Concept, all the while educating the public on the correct times to head to A&E!

The Best Video Production Crew This Side of Lancashire

Whether you have an idea in mind or are just in need of some inspiration, we can help you develop an original concept, draft a creative script, film or animate the scenes using industry standard HD equipment, edit the final cut using professional software and the latest technologies, and even write and produce original soundtracks to overlay.

You’ll be working with a truly creative bunch. Not only will you get a team that conceives an innovative video idea, but you’ll also get your very own director, producer and production crew!

If you want your product or service to be the star of the show, drop us an email at Go on—it’s time for your close up!

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