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Magento Websites

Creating a well-designed e-commerce website takes more than just lobbing all your products online and waiting for the money to roll in. You’ve got to pick the right platform (Magento), the right design team (us) and the right developers (also us) to make sure everything looks great, runs smoothly and puts your business on the map.

E-Commerce Specialists

2am has had experience with all sorts of e-commerce businesses, from plastic card manufacturers with thousands of product combinations to one of the most popular suppliers for the licensed trade.

What we’re trying to get at is that we ruddy love a challenge, so if you’ve got a business that you’re keen to get online, or even if your current site isn’t really working for you, 2am has the team and the skillset to make your company shine.

A Specialised E-commerce CMS

We’ve gone from pillar to post when it comes to content management systems, and we think we’ve found one that really works for us!

Magento Solution Specialist

Magento is an industry standard e-commerce platform that’s proven to work throughout our client base. As a Magento Certified Solution Specialist, we’ve proved ourselves to be expert users of one of the leading e-commerce platforms, able to efficiently prioritise business objectives and solutions in conjunction with the platform. We’re deeply familiar with all aspects of Magento, from the basic architecture to its benefits when it comes to what matters—sales!

Mobile & Tablet Responsive

Everyone and their great-grandmother has an iPad now, and it shows in the analytics. The vast majority of Internet browsing is done from phones or tablets these days, so we make sure that your audience is always seeing your website as intended.

We design and build our websites mobile upwards, starting with how they will display on phones, then tablets and finally desktops. We do it this way because we know that all key features will be available to all users, whether they’re browsing on a Nokia 5800 or a 27-inch iMac with Retina display.

Sound Good?

If you’ve been pulling your hair out at the thought of launching your e-commerce website, then contact us today. But maybe get a wig first.

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