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Websites & Digital Media

When everyone and their great-grandmother has an iPad, it’s not difficult to see why an online presence has become priority-one for many businesses. 2am is here to help you establish a website that not only looks good, but makes the user experience a dream.

Bespoke Website Design

Creating a well designed website takes more than just throwing a bunch of pages online and calling it a day. It requires a great deal of forward planning to ensure that functionality isn’t compromised at the expense of everything else.

Whether you’re after a clean and simple brochure site or a fully fleshed-out e-commerce platform, 2am has got you covered. We’ve had experience with a little bit of everything and we love a challenge, so feel free to try us with your craziest idea. The most important thing for us is that you come out with a site that truly represents you as a business—something with a little flair and a little personality that will be remembered as much today as it will be in five years.

Smart Web Development

Of course, as much as we like to think of ourselves as creative hippy types, we know the reality—a solid website requires meticulous planning. After we’ve had a chat with you, we’ll create a sitemap that includes all the info you want to see on your new site, as well as a structure that will attract new customers and encourage return visits.

After that, it’s onto the wireframe, which will really bring your website to life! You’ll get a feel for the final product before everything properly kicks into gear, and it’ll allow us to iron out any creases before we flesh out the bones.

Natural Energy Wyre Website

When all the nitty-gritty is finalised, we can finally get onto the creative stuff we love so much! Carefully crafted to suit your customers’ needs and your requirements, our award-winning designers work closely with the development team to create something future proof, both in terms of look and functionality.

A Laser-Focussed CMS


WordPress Experts

WordPress is a fully customisable industry standard CMS platform that puts the control in your hands. WordPress allows you to include an almost unlimited range of features, including blogs, social media feeds, maps and contact forms. These will be fully editable, allowing you to update the content with ease and keep information fresh with just a few clicks! We have put our trust in WordPress for years because, quite honestly, it has never let us down. The software is continually being updated to ensure that it’s in line with the latest industry standards and offers you the best experience possible.

EyeCatchers Website

But no matter which route you take, we’ll be right there with you for support, with in-house training and a full user manual provided as standard. But honestly, using a 2am website is as easy as falling off a log.

Mobile & Tablet Responsive

As we said up there, everyone and their great-grandmother has an iPad now, and it shows in the analytics. The vast majority of Internet browsing is done from phones or tablets these days, so we make sure that your audience is always seeing your website as intended.

Smiths Hire Website

We design and build our websites mobile upwards, starting with how they will display on phones, then tablets and finally desktops. We do it this way because we know that all key features will be available to all users, whether they’re browsing on a Nokia 5800 or a 27-inch iMac with Retina display.

Digital Video Production

Of course, no digital agency would be complete without providing a creative video production service. We’ve got the resources to handle every element of your next promo video or advert, from initial storyboarding to postproduction and beyond! You can head over to the 2am YouTube channel to see some of our work for yourself.

2am Video Production

How Do You Like Them Apples?

If you’ve got an awesome assignment or an intriguing inquiry for the 2am web development team, drop us an email at We’ll be waiting!


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