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Eureka! is an interactive children’s museum and educational charity based in Halifax, West Yorkshire. With a vibrant and exciting brand identity, and a reputation for encouraging kids to use all their senses in a quest for exploration, it’s easy to see why The Independent named them the no.1 hands-on museum in the UK.

Learn Through Play

2am designed and created many of Eureka!’s print materials to coincide with the museum’s approaching 25th birthday. The full colour brochure we produced, for example, came with some very specific challenges.

The main purpose of the leaflet was to showcase the unique Eureka! experience as a fun-packed family day out, demonstrating exactly what it’s like to visit the museum. This required us to appeal to children from 0–11 without alienating the parents that would be taking them.

We opted on a distinctly image-led leaflet, with photos of real children engaging with activities at Eureka! heavily featured throughout. This was the most concise way to show the fun, educational aspects of the museum without relying on reams of copy. Other avenues were considered, such as illustration, but we knew that this route was the best way to appeal to every child, from toddler to teenager.

Eureka Leaflet

Eureka Leaflet

Behind the Scenes

As well as producing literature that the public would see, 2am was also tasked with designing materials for corporate use, such as Eureka!’s brand guidelines and strategy plan.

For these materials, the goal was to promote the fun and vibrant identity Eureka! had so successfully cultivated but with a distinctly corporate edge. Patronising the reader was a pitfall we definitely wanted to avoid!

Eureka Leaflet

The key here was establishing an authoritative and insightful tone of voice to complement the trademark visual elements. Not only did we have to communicate the centre’s playfulness and warmth, but also demonstrate that they are a leader in their field, knowledgeable, dedicated and informed.

These print materials are just a starting point in the relationship between Eureka! and 2am. With many more projects in the pipeline, you’ll just have to watch this space in the weeks and months to come…

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