Enterprise at Highfurlong School

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Enterprise at Highfurlong School

Last week we had the pleasure of visiting the Key Stage 5 students at Highfurlong School in Blackpool, who told us all about their exciting and inspiring lessons in fundraising and enterprise •

As part of their curriculum, students at Highfurlong School get to learn about and initiate their own fundraising and enterprise schemes. For pupils at the school, emphasis is placed on practical education and highly visual approaches. Their enterprise activities are based on creating fun, stimulating and engaging activities, which adapt to the individual needs of each learner.

Highfurlong School is very alert and sensitive to the concerns of its learners, parents and the community, and 2am wanted to make a contribution to the incredibly valuable skills that the staff equip the students with. We felt that the best contribution we could make would be to provide the school with some tools to use as part of their learning, and what better than something sweet you can eat afterwards?

So, to inspire the students and teacher, we gifted the school 35 Bake!’ kits. These kits, designed by Suzy Pelta– winner of the ITV1 Lorraine’s Cake Club competition, contain everything you need to bake a variety of yummy treats, from indulgent triple chocolate scones to rich brown sugar shortbread. The kits are presented in reusable retro-inspired tins, which the students can make use of around the classroom.

The students followed up with a heart-warming letter of thanks and a fabulous picture of them with their latest enterprise tool. We are looking forward to hearing how they make use of the tins and the delicious contents. Let’s hope we’ll be receiving an invite to a fundraising bake sale in the near future!

UPDATE: Since posting this article Suzy Pelta has contacted us to extend her thanks for our donation and kindly mentioned 2am and Highfurlong School in the ‘Sunday Update’ blog post on her website.

Highfurlong pic

Highfurlong Letter

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