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Blackpool CCG Website

Blackpool Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) works for the people of Blackpool and is responsible for making sure they have access to and information about the healthcare services they need. •

2am have created a clear, concise website to allow the Blackpool Clinical Commissioning Group to present information about the local healthcare services available in Blackpool. Usability and a simple navigational structure were our key focus with this website, to ensure that the vital information was accessible to every user. We designed and built the website to respond to mobile browsing devices to maintain the navigational abilities when users were not browsing on a desktop.


When building this site our specialist skills with the WordPress platform really came into their own. The main request of the CCG was for us to create a website with an easily usable Content Management System, allowing multiple administrators and staff members to access and add content as required. Information, criteria and news is constantly changing within such as large organisation, so WordPress was the natural choice for this build.


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