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Celebrating 150 years, Attwater are the longest established manufacturer of Industrial laminate in the UK, now that’s an achievement and something that’s definitely worth shouting about! Established in 1968 by Richard Henry Attwater, Attwater Ltd is still in the family to this day.

New Client Win

We were really excited to be chosen by Attwater to help them in their 150 year celebration by creating new advertising that creates a fresh new look that will set them off on their journey towards the next 150 years.


Timeline creation

We are in the midst of creating a really cool piece of work, a timeline, that showcases what has happened in the world during Attwater’s incredible 150 years in business. Whilst our aim is to create a fresh new look and we are striving to look to the future, we can’t not look back at how far they’ve come and what has happened historically during their existence.

150 years

Entrusted with a huge box of archives that stretch right back to the birth of Attwater, it has been so interesting and an honour to delve in to this box of goodies and learn so much about who they are as a company and how they got to still be the business that they are today. 


Photoshoots, advertising designs, product shots and lots of light bedtime reading… a fantastic client win and hopefully one that we get to work a lot more with in the years to come.

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