Appliance Tec Limited Brand & Website

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Appliance Tec Limited Brand & Website

Appliance Tec Limited are a maintenance company whose brand was long overdue a complete overhaul. After discussing the company’s needs and goals, we decided to create a dynamic brochure website that reflects the technological capabilities of the business •

ATL are a 30-strong team of engineers based in Preston, Lancashire. They offer a wide range of appliance maintenance services both domestically and to commercial customers. To show ATL’s dedication and experience with technological repair, 2am built a vertical scrolling website with sliding functionality on the WordPress platform. While it is sophisticated, the site does not sacrifice all-important usability that is integral to a potential client’s experience.


As a company, 2am are greatly aware of the huge increase in mobile and tablet browsing; with this in mind, we always strive to make our websites responsive to these devices rather than just mobile friendly’. In this case, we have retained the content and look of the full site, but made it more compact and removed the animated features to enable faster loading.


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