The 2am Dog Blog: Barnaby’s Trip to the Barber’s!

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The 2am Dog Blog: Barnaby’s Trip to the Barber’s!

Guess who’s back? Back again…Barns is back…tell a friend!

Before I start I’d just like to apologise for the delay, I’ve been dealing with all these blonde chicks arriving at my door for the past few days. Don’t get me wrong, the attention is nice but all they do is lay eggs everywhere!

Time for a Trim

Obviously with me being as busy as I am helping Pete out, I must have forgotten about how long it had been since I had my hair cut. I woke up last Friday with hair in my eyes, feeling like I’d slept in an oven. So I got off the couch and went over to the mirror to check myself out. Much to my surprise, staring back in the reflection was Brian May!

The following day, Pete and Matilda took me to Shampoodles in Blackpool where I was pampered to perfection. I was given a full body wash, haircut, blow dry and I even had my teeth cleaned. I came out looking like some badass hunk; no wonder the birds were at my house!

Dinner’s on Daryl

Monday came round pretty fast and before I knew it, Pete, Tracy and I were setting off to the office; I wish I could tell you what kind of day it was but I can only see in black and white. Anyway, when we arrived I ran straight up stairs to show off my fresh trim to the guys. As always, everyone was so happy to see me and I even seemed to relieve the Monday morning misery—result!

Once everyone had finished admiring my new look, spirits in the office were high. I sat down in my bed and watched the team do what they do best…discuss food. And when Daryl told everyone he’d left a chorizo and bacon sandwich on the side, I thought I’d sneak off downstairs for an early lunch. Cheers Daryl!

Until next time guys!

Barnaby—The World’s First Blog Writing Dog.

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