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The London Lamp Company

Founded by Jacqueline Stack and created by 2am, The London Lamp Company was born from the need for a wider range of luxury lighting to be available... »

The London Lamp Company Logo


A strong brand identity, feel-good traditional design and a great user experience- Fezzi has it all! This certainly has to be one of the most... »

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The E-commerce Experience

Recently we've been considering the shape of the future for e-commerce websites. There is no question that online shopping is a growing success, and... »

Magento bought by eBay

Long ago 2am decided to pick one of the open source ecommerce platforms and focus on getting really good at it. We chose chose the market leading... »

Web Design and The Fold

In web design, above the fold is a concept that refers to anything that appears in the browser when a website first loads, without having the need to... »