Work experience at 2am – Brandon Guy

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Work experience at 2am – Brandon Guy

Last week we were joined by Brandon Guy from St. George’s School, who came to 2am to complete his work experience. He impressed everyone in the studio with his creativity and enthusiasm (and cupcakes- they always win us over!); but most importantly he took away some new skills, a passion for design and a desire to someday work in the industry. Here’s what Brandon thought of his work experience at 2am •

This week I got to take part in a week of work experience at 2am. I much prefer the creative environment (and sometimes high-pressure environment) of working independently in the office to school. I prefer having 8 hours to manage my tasks and get on with them on my own, rather than having 1 hour to rush through one or two tasks and then having to go back to those tasks in my own time, like at school.

I was given the task of rebranding a logo for the company ‘Great British Lighting’ and this task involved a great amount of trial and error during the designing phase. The company doesn’t focus on any specific type of design when they make their lighting, so coming up with a design that does not imply a certain type of lighting took lots of thinking. After a couple of hours of developing ideas down on paper I finally came up with the idea of a flame, with each section of the flame a color of the British flag, using the flame to represent light.

I think my logo design was successful after making it look more ‘professional’ after smoothing the edges on my logo and fixing the leading and kerning between my letters.

I think after my week at 2am I have learned new skills and improved old skills. I can now come up with more creative ideas and put them down onto paper easier than I used to. I can now use Adobe Illustrator in a much more constructive way and I think I now have a much better understanding of how the programme works, and I even managed to learn a bit of CSS and HTML from my time here.

I think working at 2am has encouraged my future choices and made me want to go into a career based on designing or programming.

I have greatly enjoyed my time here and wish to see everyone I have worked with again in the future. Thank you for giving your time to help me make decisions for my future and improve my skills. Enjoy the cupcakes!

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