We Love Our Spruced Up New Studio

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We Love Our Spruced Up New Studio

It’s been a big year for us at 2am, with more excitement to come in the not-too-distant future, so we decided it was time to revamp the studio. And we think it’s bloody lovely •

Here at 2am, we’ve never been ones to do things conventionally. A boring, old office building would never do for us, which is why we have been rocking a quirky converted barn for ages. But since the start, we have undertaken hundreds of projects and managed to accrue a fair amount of souvenirs. Video and photo shoot props, stacks of books and a million other bits and pieces meant that we were losing workspace by the day. So we decided it was time to treat ourselves to a bit of a decorative spring clean.

They say a tidy desk means a tidy mind, and we have fully embraced that fact. We’ve cleared out the clutter and can now show off a minimalist workspace where our team can focus their creative minds without distraction. And that’s without even starting on our strictly enforced No more trailing wires’ policy!

The extra space was also necessary to incorporate our expanded content and web development departments. With bigger teams, we are able to work with more people than ever, and we have more brains in the mix come up with some truly unique ideas.


Since 2am merged the design and media teams to form one comprehensive digital design agency, communication has been key. To do our best work, we need to talk to each other, so we have done away with the former divide and are now all housed in the same area. This encourages open discussion and yields even more original results during our infamous (and loud) brainstorming sessions.

However, we’re most proud that the new look brings with it a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Our studio is a home away from home, a forum in which to discuss and debate. And that goes doubly for when clients come in especially to meet us; it’s mandatory to relax on one of the sofas and have a brew before you even think about talking business. We’re not some faceless corporation; we’re a group of imaginative minds who love nothing more than to create something truly astounding.


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