Twitter layout changes 2014

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Twitter layout changes 2014

If you’re guilty of not updating your Twitter account as regularly as you should (oh yeah, you knew you had something to do!) then the recent layout changes may have escaped your notice •

Twitter has made alterations to their design to give user profiles a more visual feel’. As well as being able to display your key information more clearly and pin a featured Tweet to the top of your feed, you can now represent yourself or your business with a Facebook-style header image. Check it out:

Screen Shot 2014-05-23 at 12.50.11

When your Twitter profile is updated, the artwork you have in place at the moment will stretch and distort to fit the new larger size, but we can help you keep your tie on straight. For just £60, 2am will update your existing artwork to accommodate the new size, so you continue to look the part. Sorted!

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