Total Warrior – Ryan Mulholland

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Total Warrior – Ryan Mulholland

Total Warrior is this weekend, and we’ve got just one more interview to conduct before the big event. It’s the turn of 2am’s wittiest, most handsome team member and copywriter, Ryan. He’s being laying off the pizza so he hopes he’ll be in tiptop shape for the run.

It’s just a day or two until the big event, and we’re delighted to say we’ve smashed our target. We’re raising money for local end-of-life care provider Trinity Hospice, so it really is a big help, as they receive very little in the way of funding.

If you’ve been meaning to donate but haven’t quite got round to it, please follow this link and throw a few quid in. Every little really does help.

So, looking forward to Total Warrior, Ryan?


What does your Total Warrior training regime look like?

Just running three times a week—a short jog, interval training and 12-13km run at the weekend.

Has your routine changed massively from what you did before?

Yes! All running and less junk food (only slightly less though).

What obstacle are you most looking forward to?

Waterslide please, be nice to slide on my bum for a bit before getting back up.

What obstacle could you do without?

Monkey bars. My upper body strength is appalling, I’m going to get dunked.

Why the hell are you doing this?

Because everyone else is and I don’t want to seem uncool. Plus, it’ll be pretty fun.

How good does that beer sound?

Down in one and pass me another.

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